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What are our Responsibilities

We own and maintain Clays Lane Playing Field where play equipment is provided

-  We lease and maintain Toad Hole encompassing the rights of way to the River Trent

-  Own and maintain War memorial, Main Street

-  Maintain Acorn Green and surrounding planters

-  Lease and maintain Aviation Lane play area

-  Own Regatta Allotment  land which is leased to Regatta Allotment committee

-  Own and maintain Clays Lane Park Pavilion

-  Is consulted over development proposals where possible and other planning matters

-  Awards grants for the benefits of the local community – subject to compliance                      

criteria and budget constraints

-  Provides notice boards for parish information

-  Maintain jitty adjacent to Clays Lane playing field

-  Own and main bus shelters Main Street, Henhurst Ridge and Postern Road

-  We own and maintain MUGA, Clays Lane

-  We maintain the Peace Wood, Branston Leas

What's on the website

On this site we will:

  • Make our activities on your behalf more open
  • Encourage more people to attend our Parish Council Meetings

The most important objective of this site is to give you an idea of what your Parish Council does on your behalf and more importantly - what we spend your money on. 

Which Council does what?

Parish Council

  • Bus shelters
  • Some public benches
  • Recreational facilities
  • Waste collection
  • Notice boards
  • Funding emptying of dog bins
  • Grass cutting parish land
  • Viewing of planning applications
  • Celebratory events
  • Local conservation area
  • Protection of green spaces

East Staffs Borough Council

  • Set and collect Council Tax
  • Environmental health
  • Housing benefits
  • Planning applications
  • Local plans
  • Arts and leisure
  • Public conveniences
  • Unclassified roads
  • Waste collection
  • Tree preservation

Staffordshire County Council

  • Education and youth employment
  • Transport
  • Social services
  • Some planning applications
  • Strategic local plans
  • Recreation, arts and museums
  • Roads, Pavements, Drains
  • Waste disposal
  • Street lights and signs
  • Hazardous roadside
  • Traffic lights

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